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Art Photographer

Artist & Photographer

In her photography, Malin Eld relates to certain Scandinavian national romantic imagery, pertaining to outdoor painting and nature. Eld enjoys playing with color and forms of expression in her photography that brings a certain feeling of layers in her works that the observer is left to discover for themselves. In addition to her work with photography as art in various exhibitions, Eld works as a commercial photographer both in editorial and advertising and photographs for several major magazines and she thinks that it is important to keep a certain fashion standard that brings a timeless contemporary feeling to the otherwise more romantic art. Therefore, Eld also is eager to photograph fashion images and portraits, where she leaves the national romanticism behind, and instead highlights strong colors and emotion in every picture. Malin Eld is an active freelancing photographer in Stockholm. Eld is educated in both film and analogue photography. She has studied photography, design and the creative process at the University of Gothenburg Valand, as well as at Uppsala University where she has a bachelor's degree in art history, and a masters degree in art history with focus on digital art.      


Tre / Östermalm Stockholm (2007) 

In My Backyard (2015)

Girl in Castle /Konsthallen/ Nynäshamn (2019)

Paris Fair / Love Warriors/ Paris France (2019)

A Summer in Solitude (2020)

Signs of Global Economy (2020)

Cornelia (2021)

After the Party (2021)

Behind Closed Doors (2021)

Signs of USA (2021)

A Summer in Solitude & Cornelia/ Japan (2022)

Current Work/ upcoming exhibitions!

Depht of You (2022-)

Contact info   

Cell: 707740259 

Stockholm/ Sweden

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